Its All Indie Spotlight: You, The Living

Ah here is a treat! A band I have previously seen at the Portland Arms, all be under a different name but still.

They are called 'You, The Living' and are a Alt-Rock/Nu-Gaze band from the fair city of Cambridge. The band are a three piece made up of Aidy James Stevens on vocals and guitar, Oli Kelly on Bass and Will Key on the drums. They are one of those bands that are really good yet come from Cambridge. Cambridge are one of the few big cities in the UK that has big acts originating from there. And You, The Living want to change it!

This sound is brilliant for moshing to on a rainy muddy night at Glasto! I am on about the song called Hold On For Your Life. Starts off slow with a sweeping chilling noise, closely followed with vocals and then interludes into the raw rock chorus. Follows is more of that of the same heavy guitars and accompanied by the deep vocals of Aidy.

Some old songs recorded under Chasing Melfina such as They're Using Mind Control Tactics are also available for streaming on their myspace.

A mainstream band that they would suit supporting? Anyone from the Holy Roar record label!

You, The Living - Hold On For Your Life