Track of the day... Things I Never Told You - Happiness

With their myspace and facebook site only being live for just around a month, this is easily one of the youngest bands I have reviewed.

They will be supporting Kele from Bloc Party on his first ever full UK tour in July. They are from London so they know how hard it is to support a well known act so expect them to be good enough for me!

I have heard five of their tracks via MySpace and they are all infused with bass and funky electronic beats, so this will compliment Keles solo stuff well. Happiness is the track I have chosen to focus on. The bass is hypnotising, you can feel it when you whack your speakers up rippling through your body, the vocals are sung from the heart as you can tell he cares about his music. I have liked everything I have heard from them and can't wait for more stuff. Kinda funny that they put two new songs on MySpace only 2 days ago but still, the live show should give me something else to ponder over.

Things I Never Told You - Happiness (Demo)