Ahead of the curve... Adnan Kurtov

Hello all, been a while, but to create some posts I have decided to re-introduce this sub-section. Today it is the turn of Adnan Kurtov.

He is from the Republic Of Macedonia, Veles to be exact. He is a up and coming Power-pop / Art-pop artist, with his signiture track titled 'I Follow You' having got some notice in his homeland he sent a email to me to get his profile up a notch. With flowing lyrics, twisting bass coming in and out of the drum beats and a touch of the guitar he has managed to create a track that can be played in any nightclub.

Adnan Kurtov - I Follow You - Via YouTube
Adnan Kurtov - I Follow You - Via Soundcloud

It has been already released so download it now from iTunes, Amazon and Juno!