Gig Review... Things I Never Told You @ Waterfront 5th July 2010

I have previously mentioned this band here before, and it seems for a very good reason. This live performance is easily one of the best supporting slot acts I have ever seen, and support bands I have seen include Foals, Wild Beasts and Delphic! These guys have been playing gigs for only around 2 months now and are supporting Kele on his debut UK tour.

They started off with the track titled The Future Or Woody Allen, this track is the strongest song to open on I have to admit, the guitars and drums are perfect for dancing to as I could feel people behind me pushing me from the start of this song, the bass in this song is a constant ripple and makes you feel euphoria when ever the bass kicks back in!

Next was life without, the lead singer dropped the guitar and instead gave the sample pad a go, this again is such a fun song to listen to and live out performs the version on their myspace. The lead singer really gets into the crowd at this moment with the crowd cheering and bouncing to the song. Towards the end of the song someone (I assume a girl) is asking the bassist to take his top off, he ends up saying maybe which just makes the crowd more eager to get into the tracks.

Astronaut, the singer changed into a outfit which was a shiny jacket with NASA logos on it and had some big glasses, this song was new to me and what sprung to mind was the Killers singer Brandon Flowers! But giving the crowd something new with higher vocals and funky sample pads was a nice detour for me from the songs I have already heard.

Running on from that last comment, Germs was a track I have heard before and with a bass to start the track off with is just a awesome way to start a song at a gig, the bass vibrated all through me and towards the chorus more dancing was involved behind me, this is a new experience because normally support acts don't get much notice from the crowd but these guys were making sure Norwich were having a good time!

The Stewardess & Me is another track I know of, but not in the way I knew it. Once again this track is absolutely fantastic live the sample pads and bass are in perfect sync and give the crowd a taste of what these guys are really about!

Devil, it's hard to remember much about this track due to what you will read about the track Happiness... This is what I can remember, Devil is on the same line as the track before with the bass grinding through you, intricate drumming and sample pads all working together to create a wonderful song that would easily fit into Keles set!

Happiness, dedicated to me (thanks!!!). Easily my favourite track by these guys. On the mp3 it is like the bass is hypnotising, you can feel it when you whack your speakers up rippling through your body, the vocals are sung from the heart as you can tell he cares about his music. Now live, imagine you intensify this, it is just brilliant to see a act who is able to create such a wonderful track and still be unsigned.

These guys are very good live performers and can really give a good show, like I said at the beginning, if they were headlining a show they would be worth it, I am running out of superlatives, just wow!

Out of 10: 10/10 I can't wait to see them again, and I mean it!

Things I Never Told You - Happiness (Demo)