Track of the day... Dirty Little Lies - I Told You So

Good evening all, nope I am not dead I have just not found time to get round to reviews. Any who, this band emailed me a few weeks ago with two songs to review, now one is my track of the day today, 'I Told You So' this is the un-mastered version of Dirty Little Lies first demo recordings.

They come from Walsall which I have been told is near Birmingham... Ok West Midlands, England. My thanks to Chris for sending these in to me. They are a fresh Alternative band from the Midlands, resemble old Arctic Monkeys perhaps? The four piece formed July 2009 and Dirty Little Lies are hoping to provide the public with music that lifts that means something to them with such lyrics as 'Its A Day To Shine' probably meaning go get a job, it's your chance. The track its only two and a half minutes long but provides the listener with hooks, funky twangy guitar riffs, wobbly bass and intricate drumming. With the vocals layered on top this little band have a promising future if they continue on this path.

Dirty Little Lies - I Told You So (Unmastered)
Dirty Little Lies - Follow Me Home (Unmastered)