Track of the day... Feldberg - Dreamin'

Oh I notice this... right? If you have had a listen to the latest Kitsune CD then possibly yes, this duo appeared on the latest Kitsune Compilation album (Number 9), and usually if you get onto there the next year for any of the bands is a good one.

So Feldberg are releasing 'Dreamin'. This track is so summery they have certainly gave the release date some thought. Imagine this track as bluesy, soulful and having wavy calming guitars. The vocals are so complimentary to the music as they too are soothing and gentle over the equally soft electronic song.

Listening to other stuff they do seem to have a wide variety of genres in their music a mixture of folk, soul, electronic and pop. The track Dreaming from their forthcoming album Don’t be a Stranger. Single self released on iTunes Monday 9th August with vinyl coming after.

If I were you please spend 99p on iTunes for this track you won't regret it.