Track of the day... The Selfish Gene - Follow Me Gone

The Selfish Gene are from Madison, Wisconsin, America. They are a Indie/Alternative Rock band who have some very lovely songs. They have Indie and Classic Rock influences and have somes filled with heart, soul and melody, they are Matt Allen on the guitar and Eric Andraska on the bass, with the drums coming from Rob Young.

The track of the day is Follow Me Gone. This is the lead track on their 6 track EP/Album called 'What It Sees, Where It Sleeps'. They describe it as catchy and acoustic. It’s a brilliant band from America which makes me pleased that bands from all over the world look at my blog and say, you know what, lets go for it! The new E.P. is our first release since reforming as a three-piece in 2009.

The Selfish Gene - What It Sees, Where It Sleeps - Download for $5.94 or buy the CD for that same amount.