EP Review... Repeater - Patterns

I swear post-punk is coming back to life, Editors have shown us what is possible, White Lies brought another route with infectious hooks, Bloc Party with their debut album Silent Alarm providing mainstream attention and now it's the turn of a band that I have found all the way from Long Beach, California, USA. Their EP is 3 tracks long and is filled with infectious hooks and riffs with vocals that are shouted above the music with such heart and soul. Below is a breakdown of the Ep track by track.

The opening track and this sets the release alight from the beginning with catchy guitars on the intro and blistering drumming you are thought that this is going to be a generic post-punk track. Wrong, then it hits you. These vocals are just perfect for the music, they accompany each other very well. Then the chorus hits in and it sounds like a combination of Tom Smith (Editors) rhythm guitar and a drop that any band would be proud of. This is indeed a epic 4:34 long track with a well executed breakdown towards the end with a slow build up back to the original pace of the song, and finally ending on what can only be described as an anthem!
Out of 10: 9/10

Keep The Sun From Rising:
You would of thought it can't get better right? Well, this track continues on the lines of anthematic post-punk-rock with a brilliant intro that sounds slightly Irish (in the vocals) then drops into the sweet tingly guitars. It stays right the way trough the song and that is what I love best. The melody in the song is just awesome with this chilled track taking a turn away from the first one but not dropping below par one bit!
Out of 10: 8/10

To Swallow Lost Goodbyes:
This is the last track on the EP and they want to go out on a high. They do it easily! It is without question exhilarating with an angry sounding that Steve (Singer) has set out to feel once again as epic and as much of an anthem as possible with the riffs and hooks that have made me feel like their album (which is coming soon) will be one of those brilliant records. Another long (ish) track and it is laid out the same as the others, a brilliant intro, the great filling in the middle and a end that keeps on getting better until it suddenly slows down to a crash and the EP ends with me feeling all dizzy!
Out of 10: 9/10

Repeater - Patterns
Out of 10: 8.7/10

You can buy the EP from the BandCamp link from as little as $1 or can download for free through their website, but please buy the EP, support the music industry yeah!