The Inbox: Superhumanoids, Champagne Riot,The Good Natured, Joshephine

Superhumanoids are a Los Angeles four piece, set up as an electronic experiment to escape the everyday of the everyday. Dreams of a more public lifestyle have taken this reverie to an unconventional conclusion - a troupe that incorporates equal parts harmony and dissonance, programming and organic instrumentation, lush harmonies and sparse arrangements. an exploration of pop through a spaced-out, kaleidoscopic lens.

The band take their musical cues from a diverse array of sources - neu!, The Beach Boys, The Strokes, The Chills, Kate Bush to name a few. Their debut EP titled Urgency was recorded and produced by the band themselves and will be released by independent label Hit City USA in July of 2010. Previous releases include the contemporary individual digital 7" was released last January.

LA-based Superhumanoid’s first UK EP (“Urgency”) is going to be released on 30th of August!


Local Natives - Who Knows, Who Cares (Superhumanoids Remix) - Via Hypem

Superhumanoids - Urgency EP - Free download Via Soundcloud

Champagne Riot is the brainchild of two Scandinavians, Caspar Bock and Anders Reuter. In their own words “Their mission is to create perfect pieces of timeless pop music that are sophisticated and gloriously irresistible”. They are set to release their debut double A-sided single “Heart Stab/ A Friend of A Friend” on the 27th September on xxx records. Champagne Riot started as a solo project of Danish born, at the time Berlin based, Caspar Bock who released the EP “Paris and I” on the American indie pop label Shelflife Records in 2008. Shelflife approached Caspar within the first week of uploading the project’s two first demos to Myspace. The EP release in October 2008 generated a substantial amount of blog hype and overwhelming reviews as well as national airplay and mainstream media features in Caspar’s home country Denmark.

Champagne Roit make music for people to cry to and is light-years better than anything Lady Gaga has done, and that's for sure! Their debut release in the UK will be a double a-side single consisting of the songs “Heart Stab” and “A Friend Of A Friend” and will be released in September 27th on xxx records.


Champagne Riot! - Heart Slab
Champagne Riot! - A Friend Of A Friend

The Good Natured:
Until yesterday I thought all 18 year olds in Newbury did was nick sweets from Spar and set fires to bins, but being introduced to Sarah McIntosh aka The Good Natured has proved otherwise. At once, she arrives as a compelling new talent. A real find and she is forlorn, wary, quietly despairing and sad, even when the beats are house-esque and fast or skittering and drum'n'bass-ish. It is a electro pop at its very best!

Her new single 'Your Body Is A Machine' was written by McIntosh and produced by Dan Foat and Nathan Boddy (Delphic, I Blame Coco).


The Good Natured - Your Body Is A Machine (Get People Remix)

Josehephine is a new folktropic voice forged in the heart of the North of England. 'I Think It Was Love’ EP is set for release August 23rd on Ark Recordings. An patchwork of influences from West African high life to her local heroes Morrissey & Marr... from the inspirational activist/guitarist/songwriter Odetta to modern US weird folk music.

Listening to 'I Think It Was Love', you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd stumbled upon some lost classic soul recording, rather than a young musician from Manchester. Her voice is something incredible; warm, wise, confident and able to stop even the hardest of cynics in their tracks

Joshephine - I Think It Was Love