Album Review... Mr Twist - Mr Twist

As I have interviewed their drummer recently there is no introduction needed here. They are the 4-piece band from London and they like to play rock songs. But here is a piece from their myspace...
"But why should you care? Well, when the producer of Guns N’ Roses’ seminal Appetite for Destruction, Mike Clink, heard an early demo of Mr Twist back in 2008, he described it as a 'diamond in the rough'. The boys have spent the past two years polishing that diamond and making it shine."

The album is 11 tracks long and have all of the necessaries of being a good album, and it definitely starts off that way with a rock track called 'I Come Round Again' then after into another hit tune that compliments the first track in a good way. This one is called 'On And On' and if it was oh so slightly more dancey you could put this on and people would dance (instead of moshing I mean).

'Settle The Score' is a down-tempo song which takes the album off the tracks a little bit, not the best song they have done but not the worse by any means. If anything this is why I like it, a nice slow track with a underlining love song beneath the instruments and vocals, but with strange church organs in the background (yes I heard them!) it is one of those songs you either love or hate, and I love it. This track will be in my mixtape when I get round to doing it. 'No Better Time' starts off even more slower than the track before, smooth vocals and intricate drumming and quick blasts on the guitar brings this song to life!

The rest of the album follows on with these sort of lines and finally finishes on the song titled 'Start Again' which is odd considering that is the last track on the record! They certainly have a mainstream sound but very occasionally can pick up on the cheesy side (as the example shows on 'Settle The Score'), but that might just be the rock in them, as their latest video on the facebook suggests, these lads like to have fun and know how to be rockers!

EDIT: I thought I posted this and it is 2 months (or so) overdue so as a sorry I will put the first track off the album into my mixtape.

Mr Twist - Mr Twist
Out of 10: 7.5/10

Mr Twist - I Come Round Again - Via iTunes