Band Review... Gliss

Exciting-sounding yet underrated American three piece Gliss, are a band from LA, California. Gliss consist of Victoria, Martin and Dave. In an interview, they said that they all played drums and also each others’ instruments. No wonder during their live shows, you can often see the vocalist’s position switching from a member to another.

Their hit single ‘Morning Light’ has captured a lot of listeners’ hearts. It starts with some distorted guitar, and then some drums with the drummer played standing up straight. The sweet bass on ‘Morning Light’ is accompanied with some equally sweet lyrics like ‘Darling, it’s a start. Darling, in your heart.’ It’s a really catchy song and it has a really well-made music video too!

Thought that they’re pop rock-ish after having heard ‘Morning Light’? Think again. Moving on with ‘Velvet Stars’, has a much gloomier and dark feeling pumped into the song. ‘Kissing the Blvd.’ is sung by Martin, rather than the female vocalist Victoria. It sounds a little retro and is rather intense compared to the other songs by the band.

You should keep an eye on them as they are a really fresh band and have an awful lot of energy on stage.

By guest contributor Coco Wong