Its All Indie Spotlight: Cloaks And Feathers

More acoustic goodness that comes in the form of a Belgian band called Cloaks And Feathers. They are a Belgian duo that started a year and a half ago and recently released our demo...which so far had some good reviews. Expect a voice similar to Joan Baez or Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane) and some moody guitarlines that will take you to another world... a world that is calm with no wars and evil but they can surely take you there!

The three tracks I have been sent are all wonderful, Your Poetry with its single guitar and voice that lulls you into a dream, House of Beth has the same vocal edge to it but with a few more layers put on the song gives it a new side of the band (ok it's a echoing of the vocals and backing vocals but still, I like it!). Finally we come to Bird On The Road, I can safely say this can sound like a cover of a Mumford and Sons song due to the very listenable vocals, soft acoustic guitars and a dash of the tambourines.


Cloaks And Feathers - Bird On The Road
Cloaks And Feathers - Your Poetry
Cloaks And Feathers - House Of Beth