Band Review... The 7.20s

A group of 5 friends deliver very atmospheric sounds that remind me of Doves and Editors super-child. They come from Rugby in the Midlands and are a Alternative Rock band who never seem to put a foot wrong.

Their most played track on myspace 'Keep Holding On' starts off with tingly guitars and lovely effects, this track slowly increases in speed and the vocals are so beautiful. Honestly I can see Radio 1, XFM and even NME being interested in this! The other highly played track 'J'adore l'amour' starts off with tight drums, funky bass and then comes in a hazy guitar. This track may be less than 3 minutes long but sounds like a Editors b-side (musically) and the vocals sound like something from the 90's brit-pop scene. Which is a lovely mix of past a present music titans!

Keep an eye (and indeed and ear) out for this band in the future as they have big things coming their way. I do have a song they sent me, but I am not too sure if I am allowed to put it out here yet, in the mean time below are some links to their music.