Track of the day... Deep Sea Green - Black Maria

Deep Sea Green, formed in late 2008, is made up of brothers Jon and Dan Jefford, Marco Menestrina and Trent Halliday. In October 2009 they went into the studio for the first time to cut a traditional live-studio album they recorded at Cobblestone studios. The sessions produced ten original tracks in 2 days that were then mixed and mastered at The Woodlodge by the band themselves, and released in digital and CD formats in January 2010.

The band have been performing in and around London through out this year, and in July released an online video of the original song Black Maria, again, produced within the band, whilst developing material for their 2nd album. And Black Maria is our track of the day today.

Crunching bass and guitar welcomes you into their sound from the get go, drums slowly follow. Trents vocals kick in and this track sounds so dark with the combination of all their efforts. The chorus enters into into a heavy rock sound and then reverts back to the (slightly) slower verse. This track is so deep I like it, the second half of the sound. Anyone hear Chris Cornell is this blokes voice, not bad eh!

Deep Sea Green - Black Maria - MP3