Track of the day... Ideals - Don't Tell Anyone

Ideals are back again, and with yet another free track have they done it again? The answer is yes. Possibly one of the best things to come out of Ipswich since I can remember!

I first heard of Ideals work by the brilliant track 'Forever Leisure', ever since then they have been getting bigger and better as every week has gone by. They are supporting one of the biggest bands to come out of Cambridgeshire, Fenech-Soler next week in Norwich, and honestly I can't wait. 'Don't Tell Anyone' starts off a Bass and hand claps then a whirl of vocals come over the song and a trumpet too! It then goes into the verse, and the lead singers voice is clear and true, then hits the bridge/chorus and the riff is insane! You can hear the drummer working hard to play them, but he pulls it off brilliantly! The slow drop and build up is brilliant as then they hit you with the bridge/chorus again, this gives you a lasting memory about this track. Lovely!

Ideals - Forever Leisure - FREE MP3 - Via
Ideals - Don't Tell Anyone - FREE MP3 - Via