Album Review... Warpaint - The Fool

Warpaint - The Fool. This young brilliant band from California, the band consists of 4 girls 2 guitarists 1 bassist and 1 drummer they all put their shift in the vocal department. The band has toured with Yeasayer, The XX and Vampire Weekend just to name a few. They also have massive fans such as John Frusciante who produced and mastered their first EP

Set Your Arms Down:
The song starts off very mellow and quite. The vibe I am getting from this song is like a chilli out song, which you would listen to on the beach. The verses are very trippy. The song slowly builds up for a climaxed ending, which has nice melodic guitar parts in. The only problem with the opening track to this EP is that it doesn’t sound like an opening big song to get the listener interested and you can’t really tell the difference between the verse and the chorus. Taking the whole song into account.
Out if 10: 8/10

Warpaint – This songs intro once again starts slowly, once it reaches the verse after about 1: 10 minutes the minimalist guitars kick in. The vocal lines in the verse are also very minimal. The whole song has a very cool feel about it with harmonies in the vocal one of them doing the low and the others doing the high notes. The drums in this song are very up beat and after the slow start it sets the beat for the rest of the song. The break down is very cool and suits the whole style of the song. The song involves some very good song writing.
Out if 10: 8/10

Undertow – This has a very cool guitar line from the start and this is the shortest intro on the EP. The verse has that minimal feel to it again with the repeat of the lyrics. The verses seem to continue for pretty much the whole song and there isn’t a distinctive difference between the verse and chorus. About half way through the song a really cool bass line which brings the listener in and makes you want to continue listening. It is one of the best songs on the EP it has it all on this song. The ending is also really well put together the drumbeat is very foals style and it has the same guitar and bass parts, which makes the song.
Out if 10: 10/10

Bees – It starts with a synth drum beat with some guitar parts which sound very psychedelic, when all the instruments the trip out vibe continues and it makes you feel like your on a trip. The synth drumbeat comes back in just before the chorus. With the multiple guitar parts going on I don’t think they would be able to play this track live. It is a very layered track and you can tell this but it sounds really good who its been mastered and produced.
Out if 10: 8/10

Shadows – The song starts with an acoustic guitar for a few bars then the trippy draped vocals come in. This is a very slow song till about 1 and a half minutes in when the drums come in with snare filled beat which picks up the tempo then the drums drop out and it becomes slow once again. It’s a very nice song and it is once again very cool. They have it figured out perfectly.
Out if 10: 8/10

Composure – This song starts off with the guitar set on a tremolo effect and the drums till some backing vocals, which are by the sounds of things being shouted. Then the song completely changes its rhythm and has a very catchy bass and drum beat. It instantly makes your legs start to move and want to dance to it. The breakdown is the drums on the toms and they sound very jumpy, the song goes back to the intro but with main vocals over the top.
Out if 10: 7/10

Baby – This song starts off and sounds like something John Frusciante would write on his guitar. It is once again an acoustic guitar being used. This is the mellowest song on the EP and has the stoned feel to it. I really like this track I think it has a lot going for it and I would listen to it again and again. Her voice is phenomenal on this song and you can really tell because it’s just a guitar and her.
Out if 10: 9/10

Majesty – This song goes back to normal with the slow start and the effects on the guitars. There is a distinctive synth in there. The song has that build up like all the others, but when it kicks in it has a nice layered sound to it. This is the longest song on the album coming in at 6:35 minutes and it seems to be a bit repetitive but has an upbeat drum piece and nice guitar parts.
Out if 10: 7/10

Lissie’s Heart Murmur – It has a minor sound to the start and I agree with putting this last because it is sad that were coming to the end to this EP its brilliant. I think that with every song being a small bit the same in the way they are trippy but they have very nice guitar lines in every song, which makes them brilliant. The layered harmonies yet again are brilliant. The song changes its rhythm plenty of times and is a typical album ender. I think these girls have got it spot on.
Out if 10: 8/10

Warpaint - The Fool
Out if 10: 8.2/10



Reviewed by Luke Hunns.