Ones to watch: 2011, Kilto Take

SO, with a year almost whizzing by here I am, the forefront of the blogging world predicting the bands that will impact on the 2011 musical scene.

KILTO TAKE are an indie alternative rock pop band hailing from the Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire borders. The band comprising Jon Crosby (lead vocals, guitar, synths/effects), Karl Grant (bass guitar synths/effects) and Lee James Spavins (drums and percussion) joined forces to cure their musical itch and have been on the fast track to success ever since, seeing them secure a recording contract with up and coming indie label MEDICAL RECORDS just eight gigs in. KILTO TAKE has already sparked a wealth of interest amongst their peers and are set to make serious waves in 2010.

My first band I am going to devote a post to its... Kilto Take, are a band who are from Bedfordshire. They are a Indie Rock band who love to play music that gets the rhythm inside of you and blasts it with lashings of rock! I do hope they get noticed because the world deserves bands like these guys. Hanging around and lurking in the deep belly of Bedfordshire they deserve to be noticed and would do them a whole load of good, you will soon realise in this review why they are a brilliant band!

They have just released 'Ava' which is available to listen to and ultimately download on iTunes when the EP drops on the lucky land of Bedfordshire. This track coincidentally had a 9/10 score from me when I reviewed the EP. Click HERE to read it.

They are getting gigs lined up left right and centre, so be sure to see them soon as I hear they play a cover of a well known song by a well known band.

Check out this video to see why the locals love them!