Track of the week... Flexability - Waves

Flexability are a lovely band from Brighton, they create indie-pop songs to dance to, and 'Waves' is one of those tracks.

With a organ like intro you are thought of this being a relegious track, then you are hit with the guitar riffs. Suddenly you are treated to a array of amazing vocals. The bridge into the chorus is a catchy riff that I just love. And the chorus is just as good, more riffs, brilliant drumming and superb bass skills as you can feel it vibrating up and through your body.

When the chorus comes back you can't help but nod your head in agreement, this is just brilliant. I honestly can't wait to hear more of them, with the last minute or so of the track making it for me, riffs. I just love them, any band that as a catchy riff will always be a big it with me, as I hope you too.

Flexability - Waves
Out of 10: 9/10

Notes: I just love it! And also, go onto 'Futures' facebook page and put "Flexabilty to support for Southampton" come on, they bloody deserve it!