Track of the week... Sketches - Bleed Victoria

I think I have stumbled upon a new great song, can it eclipse their old single? I do think it can! Sketches are a Indie-Rock band from Leeds, they play massive soulful songs with big riffs and brilliant vocals. Think of them as the new Grammatics, but with the epic guitar work of Bloc Party and the almost choir boy vocals of Hayden Thorpe.

So, 'Bleed Victoria', wow this is good from the start, a twinkling guitar starts it off with a lovely delay effect, the drums kick in and then the vocals and accompanying bass with the other guitar. This does sound almost euphoric rock that U2 would love to have. No seriously, listen from one minute in onwards to hear what I am saying.

The chorus just gets the song even better, the loud guitar that I mentioned at the beginning has not lost it's appeal, just epic. Then the chorus breaks into the bridge/break-down sound very Grammatics... strange that, they are too from Leeds. But who cares, they are not any more and this band is going to fill their shoes, and more.

Seriously keep and eye on them as their latest EP '1 of 200' is very addictive and sound get them geared up for an album anytime soon.