Flashguns - By Dan Bambridge

Review thanks to Dan Bambridge

Check out the latest arrival on the Indie scene; Flashguns. Strolling in from London, Brighton and Exmoor, Flashguns' material is some of the most promising around. I first heard of the trio after looking at the Last.fm 'similar artists to' Bombay Bicycle Club, and from first listening to "Racing Race", I've continued to love these guys.

"Racing Race" is memorising; the most captivating feature of the song is the introductory guitar, as the eerie vocals slip into your ears. Before long, the bridge follows, with underlying drum beats and the consistent guitar. Even the more talented guitar players can appreciate this finger-work. The bridges in the song are just as enjoyable as they build up the sense of the song. Towards the centre and climax of the song is the layering of both guitars and drums. Drowned out vocals behind the frontman's own and randomly generated noises give the band an excitingly enigmatic feel, that can be found in the likes of Radiohead and Kasabian. The only aspect that the song perhaps lacks is the lyrics, that don't do justice to the song's execution. This is all but made up for, however, in the newest single releases "Come and See the Lights" and "Speed and Leisure". Even the song title's emit emphatic style...

Other songs demonstrate a real essence of talent and a clear indication of promise, the older songs such as "Bells at Midnight" and "I do not Love You". The band played Reading '09 on the BBC introducing tent, and since then have been captured by a record label, arming their album and preparing to take on the big-guns of the Indie streets. In my opinion, they are definition of promising.

Flashguns - Speed & Leisure