Interview... with Ideals

After the recent news about Ideals (see a few posts back) I thought I could shed some light on the departure plus some good news I think Ideals fans would like to hear.

Hello, sad to hear the news of Matthews departure, what was the main reason behind him leaving?
With our growing profile and a real feeling in the band and at the label that 2011 is going to be an important year the level of commitment required with Ideals has stepped up. We all have university, we somehow manage to do both, but unfortunately we sometimes have to miss lectures because of shows, tours or recording. Matts university has a three strike rule with missing lectures, and unfortunately it looked like in 2011 that rule was going to be broken on several occasions, we have a January tour scheduled as well as European tour in Easter for example . Matt felt that because of university he would not be able to commit himself to the level required, it was a brave and valiant thing to be able to do, it was him that suggested his departure may be best for everyone involved, before then the thought had not even crossed any of our minds. We aim to be signed by a Major label at some point in the future and make Ideals our full time jobs, this may happen while we are still at university, Matt did not feel that he would be prepared to drop out of university if our musical careers were to massively take off in this way, his education basically comes first and I think if that's his mindset then leaving the band is a smart move. It was a healthy and completely mutual decision, Matt will be massively missed, he has been my friend longer than anyone else in the band, but I strongly feel that the new guitarist will add to Ideals in a huge way. He is a fantastic musician. he has been playing guitar for 12 years, works as a guitar tech on Denmark Street and last night at practice was using a guitar he built from scratch with his own two hands. His life is guitars, so having him as a guitarist is very exciting prospect.

So is Matt going to feature in a new band?
Matt was in another band before he even joined Ideals, that is a continuing project, but will not require the amount of time that Ideals does. We wish him the greatest success in whatever he does in the future.

So are Ideals still going to be giving us the kind of music we have become to associate you with?
Ideals is going to be exactly the same band, just more. Of course It is very sad on a personal level, but Having a member leave that we all really knew couldn't commit is a huge weight off everyone's shoulders, so our drive is more than ever, as we speak Andrew is sitting next to me writing a new song, his second in three days. Its no good writting songs but knowing a member of the band can't throw himself into it like the rest of us can. The new member has the same musical influences as the rest of us and was a huge ideals fan in the first place, so he knows what this band is.

I do hope you will be still big next year as you are already predicted to be, what is the latest song you guys are proud of?
There are two new songs that we are incredibly excited about, one is called Hearts Beating, the other is called Reflection. They are a huge step up musically and I know anyone who is a fan of ideals is going to love them, hopefully they will make us some more fans as well. We have been predicted to be big next year, and nothing has changed that will effect that. Now that we are able to put in the hard work required to make this happen I feel more confident that I did before that we can live up to those predictions an expectations.

I know of 'Significant Other' and 'Lady In The Radiator' are both going to be big with me but any news on another free single?
Significant other will be the next free download. All future singles with Intruder Records will be free downloads, its pretty great.

You will still be amazing no matter who you bring in, you can mould him into your own 'Ideal' guitarist, is the new member going to have any effect in new material?
Yeah he will, as I said before Andrew and simon write the songs, even just to a basic level where they can be played acoustically, but this guy will add his own touch. We don't want to mould him into anything, what he can bring to the table in this band is already exciting enough, so we are just going to let him run wild during songwritting really.

And finally, when are you recording the album? The EP was fantastic and I can't wait to hear a full LP from Ideals?
When people look back on this decade, and the year 2012 is discussed, they will mention two things and two things only: the Olympics and Ideals debut album hahaha.
I have just had the up most pleasure to have heard a sneak preview at their new track 'Significant Other', Ideals are maturing and I can safely say that they will be bigger and better. With no disrespect to Matthew of course. If you have ever had the pleasure to of seen them live whilst playing this track you can understand why I would love it. This may be only a rough mix but you can hear Andrew singing is heart out, Benjamin keeping everyone in time with his drumming skills and Simon trobbing the speakers with the tight bass.

Expect this to be your Christmas present ;) or of you are not Christian your 25th December random gift.

2011 will be big for Ideals!

Ideals - Don't Tell Anyone
Ideals - Forever Leisure