It's All Indie: Top 20 - #1

Foals - Spanish Sahara

I would of thought 3 years ago when I past down the opportunity to see Foals live in HMV on the release date of Antidotes that three years later they would bring out a track that has made my year!

This song wasn’t anything like what I were expecting from Foals, it was a very pleasant surprise actually. It was really laid back and started off like The xx in a way that was quite mellow and soft, before moving into something similar. To be honest with you, it’s more of a slow-dance number, something that would come on at the school dance and you’d all partner off with the girl you fancied or something, it’s not something you’d expect to be played in a club unless there was a great remix, but then again, it probably wasn’t written with a club in mind.

Foals - Cassius (Live At Glastonbury 2008)
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Foals - Spanish Sahara (Sonar)