It's All Indie: Top 20 - #2

Kele - Tenderoni

From the start this is a club hit. His first single has had much mixed reviews from Bloc Party fans on the forum. Sounds like a instrumental mash up of Bodyrox and Wiley, with Keles vocals over the top. Still, ever since I heard it on Zane Lowe on Radio 1 I have gone from hate, to love. Now? I just love it! Building into a throbbing climax, halting momentarily before kicking back into a massive moment of club euphoria, this will be a vital summer hit, NO WAIT IT IS.

Bands going on hiatus often means one of three things: the group have fallen out, the band have run out of ideas, or the lead singer wants to go it alone. In the case of Bloc Party, it appears to be the latter, as Kele Okereke prepares to release his electro-tinged solo d├ębut.

Tenderoni by Kele Okereke

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Kele - Tenderoni (Lamacq Live, 07.06.10)
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