It's All Indie: Top 20 - #3

Morning Parade - Under The Stars

I have already written about this little band from Essex... and for good reasons too. I had them in the top 5 tips for 2011, and judging by this song they are top.The track starts off with a lovely guitar rhythm, then Steve's vocals kick in and your ears are treated to brilliant singing. The synths played in the background just give this such a atmospheric sound, and it is an excellent addition to what is a brilliant intro. Bass kicks in for a bit then it all faded away to more majestic synths.
"I'm gonna set my sight, I'm gonna set you soul alight"

The chorus in this song has so much momentum behind it and you can't help to think... don't end. but all good things come to an end, and it just such a breathtaking song from such a fresh new bamnd. The single was out on the 29th November 2010 on 7" Vinyl, along with two more limited 7"s, 300 each I belive, also released was 'Your Majesty' and 'In The Name'. You can hear all three tracks below.

Morning Parade


Morning Parade - Your Majesty - Expired
Morning Parade - Youth - Expired