It's All Indie: Top 20 - #6

We Are Tokyo - Bullets

We Are Tokyo, a band from Bristol who have played gigs along side some big indie bands such as Passion Pit and Grammatics. They have become over the past months a good find for me, ever since I stumbled upon them while on my daily MySpace music hunt for good music. I highly rate them and can't wait for the new Ep come out. Its been a while but I should hear it soon.

With some pretty awesome free single downloads these guys have been apparently getting the eye of a few labels. And why not! the Bright Lights EP was awesome, The Best In Me single even better then came Bullets, with what it was following it was hard for the (then 4 piece band) to give the fans something better... they did it. Bullets with its catchy hooks and electronic guitar filled chorus just makes it one of those awesome indie tracks! Download it below along with a couple of equally brilliant tracks, Tangram is a real fave of mine!


We Are Tokyo - Best In Me
We Are Tokyo - Bullets
We Are Tokyo - Tangram