Album Review... Chapel Club - Palace

One band who I have been into since the birth is Chapel Club, having seen them in a tiny venue in Cambridge to this album has been one heck of a journey!

An intro track, it doesn't interlude into the next track so therefore I don't give it a rating
Out of 10: N/A

This was supposed to be their second 7" release on East City Records but due to a copyright issue it was decided not to be released. Since hearing the demo of this over a year ago, I have loved it. Partly because of the the guitar play in the song. Lewis and his vocals soar above the music and deliver such an enthusiastic vocal performance. The new produced version basically polishes the song off in a way that can only be good. I love this song!
Out of 10: 8/10

Five Trees:
This was the first track to be recorded with Mr Paul Epworth. I don't mind it but in the chorus is does have a whine, some sort of guitar effect, but it is a tad annoying. The overall song is upbeat despite it's somewhat gloomy sound. Fast drums, crunching bass and (as ever) the vocals crisp and to the point. This is a good song to listen to live and brilliant to sing along to.
Out of 10: 8/10

After The Flood:
Once again, have been sent a older version of this track by an anonymous person, this was not a track I highly liked on record. Live, similar story there, a ear pleasing track live and enthusiastic playing but lacked confidence. This new produced version however has got to be their best track to date, sorry to all of those 'All The Eastern Girls' lovers but it is! When the track drops at the one minute mark and then Lewis's vocals kick in almost shouting you have got to admire this track as it gives you a scene of pleasure!
Out of 10: 10/10

White Night Position:
Again that whine of a guitar but this time starting it off, thankfully it stops and gives way to a furious drum beat, vocals and another round of quick bass playing. This is the shortest song on the album (except from the Intro), and it doesn't seem like it. The fast play in the song gives you an illusion that you have been listening to it for a long time. But in reality 3mins8seconds is really a short time. You know what they say, time flies when you are having fun, and for the band is seems like it!
Out of 10: 8/10

The Shore:
This track was given as a free download in July. I know, I know, I too am seriously close to grabbing the next Ian Curtis impersonator that comes moping and droning out of the major labels'. Chapel Club, breathing new life into the current wave of Indie-Rock thanks to the fact that Lewis Bowman can actually, like, sing. It's almost as if we've endured that third Editors album in order to get to this. It is a long track but doesn't miss a beat!
Out of 10: 9/10

A brilliant introduction to Chapel Club this must be! If you hear this track first you would stick around forever. This track captures everything they are about. Certainly being the centrepiece of the album, diamond in the rough if you will. The guitars are in this track are highly admired by me as it resembles a certain band on hiatus... anyway.
Out of 10: 9/10

Fine Light:
I was one of the 100 or so people to hear this track, I know this for a fact because they played it for the first time at the Cambridge date of their May tour in 2009. My memory isn't that good but still. This track has a synth/sample pad involved with it when played live and the swooning echoing vocals capture the singers vocals perfectly. A gentle maybe a slower track than the others but don't rubbish it at all.
Out of 10: 7/10

O Maybe I:
Nothing has changed from the original version and that I am is a sure thing. The first song I ever heard by them, and thinking back on it I don't know how I got into them. Its a slow dark song. But then again this is one of the tracks people know of. The second half of the song is amazing though, when the guitar riff comes in and Lewis starts to sing louder and louder it gains momentum until an orgasm back into the chorus. Then again, this is why I liked it looking back on it. Lovely stuff
Out of 10: 9/10

All The Eastern Girls:
Swooping heart filled guitars , emotional and passionate. I was really, instantly, pretty much hyped for the album after I heard this, especially its killer chorus. seriously, check it. It slows down, then whacks you back with the chorus that I adore so much!An early favourite on live excursions since the band’s inception, ‘All The Eastern Girls’ creeps up all brooding and heartfelt, exploding into life under the lyrics of singer Lewis Bowman.
Out of 10: 10/10

Paper Thin:
Having only heard of this song through a acoustic recording and a rough live bootleg, they surely didn't do it any justice. The last track on the album and it really does give you a fond farewell to their brilliant d├ębut. It really does seem like a song to listen to over a romantic film, just the vocals and gentle instruments are just so brilliant, that it isn't fair!
Out of 10: 7/10

Chapel Club - Palace
Out of 10: 8.5/10

Chapel Club - O Maybe I (Old Version)