Crayons - By Coco Wong

Review thanks to Coco Wong

Not manufactured by Crayola, but a Scottish five piece playing ‘awkward pop’. You can’t draw nor paint with them, but you get quality tunes from them.

Songs are accompanied by some somewhat abstract artwork, you are able to find their songs on their official YouTube and have them in your iPod straight away. My favourite of all is definitely "Saturday Night Traffic" ,the chorus captures my heart and had me addicted. The lyrics do remind me of a Saturday night, therefore, extra points are added. Their first single "Pretty Pernicious", starts of with a quite blues intro then progress into an Indie rock song. A very energetic debut from such a young band. The icing on the cake is that you can get this single for free!

Cowbells, more cowbells I say! "Belle Laide" did not only bring a smile to my face, but also reminded me of summer, the beach, the sunshine, the ice-creams... This song is incredibly fun to listen to, probably have to thank the cowbells for doing the job. A brilliant mix of electro-rock/pop, brought to you by Dunfermline.


Crayons - Pretty Pernicious