Gig Review... Ideals @ Haymakers 26th January 2011

Having seen Ideals before supporting Fenech-Soler and the best free songs I have ever heard I was in for a treat as I also knew the other 3 bands playing on the night.

The opening act on the billing was Barcode Channel but somehow I heard Neon Index playing their intro. Still, I was at the bar towards the back and listening in to the overwhelming comments about the band.

They played a new song along with two songs you can hear on their Myspace, also they played a cover of 'Gossips - Standing In The Way Of Control', which they all pulled off with near perfection! They (as ever) played intensively and sung, strummed and bashed their way to another tip top performance.

Neon Index - Fallen Empries - Via MySpace
Neon Index - Renegades - Via MySpace

Next on is a band who have a similar set-up to Two Door Cinema Club (Circa 2008-10). Two guitars and a bass, with no drummer. With a angular sound to them taking influences from Bloc Party, Foals and Radiohead they provide a brilliant sound and an interesting sound.

The frontman jokingly said after their first song "Hello we are Barcode Channel, has anyone seen our drummer?". They too played a intense hot and sweaty 25 minute set and ending up on a darker song to the others. Overall I really enjoyed the performance!

Feedback Loop by Barcode Channel


Barcode Channel -Feedback Loop
Barcode Channel - Tell Me To Shut Up

Next on were (surprisingly to me) was Ideals, they started with a intro track called ''Faces Of Friends'' and then quickly went into their most recent of tracks ''Significant Other'', this track was so much better as time has passed and live it is even better!

Next along the line was ''Lungs'' becoming one of my favourite tracks recently this is always getting played on my laptop and Andrew plays his heart out on this song, Ben getting sweaty, Simon strumming his hand off and the new lad Johnny gently playing is way into the Ideals fans hearts!

They also played a old song which they recorded when they only just started playing as a band "These Seasons", I haven't heard this live before but loved every second of it! They truly did play up to their billing and was more than worth the trip to Chesterton!

Ideals Played:
Faces of Friends
Significant Other
Don't Tell Anyone
These Seasons
Forever Leisure

Significant Other by Ideals

Ideals - Don't Tell Anyone
Ideals - Forever Leisure

Finally was a band I have previously seen twice, a fair few people stuck round for them at the end and for good reasons too! Violet Bones have a healthy fanbase around Cambridge as they have played the city numerous times to thousands of people!

I have to say the peak of their set was the last track. Not because I was bored but was because the song was more punk-ish than their others. "Villains" was the title of the track and will be the next track to download I hear. They got the crowd moving and Si is probably one of the best frontmen I know of. Banter with the crowd is always a good way to get them onto your side and they definitely did!

Also if you may know we have a competition for their T-Shirts and EP's on our page!

Motion by Violet Bones

Violet Bones - I Feel The Need
Violet Bones - Motion

Neon Index - By Fred Bambridge
Barcode Channel - By Fred Bambridge
Ideals - By Fred Bambridge
Violet Bones - By Fred Bambridge