Gig Review... Morning Parade @ Monto Water Rats 18th January 2011

With Morning Parade always providing as a amazing support act they also seem to pick very ear pleasing support acts while they are headlining.

With no exception! Toy Horses provided the support act this time round. They have an appeal to Scouting For Girls fans as they sound similar, but they are not the ones to sell out to a big label. But are biding their time, generating catchy songs to sing along with. They have been to SXSW and that in itself is a feat for the Welsh band. The played around 6 songs, all with the two singers swapping instruments. They are very talented and below is a free download of one of their songs. Keep an eye out for the album which is coming out later on this year.

And It Was You by Toy Horse


Toy Horses - And It Was You

So, what we have been waiting for. Morning Parades first London headline show.

The 5 piece band from Essex started off their set in style with their début single “Under The Stars” sounding similar to the likes of Foals and Delphic. This song gave us a little taster of what was to come for the rest of the gig. Cracking guitar riffs, catchy, bop-your-head-to-the-music dance rhythms, loud synth and an all round energetic performance from the lads. They clearly love being up on stage performing to their fans.

Their music is evidently thoroughly rehearsed and they always put on a great show full of energy and passion with a lot of the energy and passion rubbing off on the crowd as well. Other songs I liked was “A&E” with the pulsating, off beat drumming and bass working well together and “Youth” with a nice touch of keyboard in it and passionate vocals.

This really is a band that has made a massive impression on me since a friend recommended them to me. They are the ones to look out for in 2011 and I, for one, can’t wait until they release their début album.

It’s not an accident that they burst onto the scene to steer our hearts (and ears) towards their great music. I dream of the day when myself, along with 100,000 other fans join together to sing/shout/woop/scream the lyrics of the greatness that is, Morning Parade. Over and out.

Morning Parade Set

Morning Parade - Youth - Expired

Review by:
Toy Horses - Fred Bambridge
Morning Parade - Joel Williams