NEWS: Jumping Ships Record Deal

Dynamic, ambitious and easy on the ear. This Brighton 4 piece outfit Jumping Ships are all set to return with a bang in 2011 after sealing a deal with the equally ambitious label 'Alcopop! Records.' The future looks exciting with a single set to drop in March and a much anticipated 2nd EP coming to us a few months later. With the huge success of their d├ębut EP I am certain they can once again providing the high standard of lyrical hooks and instrumental prowess. They have supported bands such as Biffy Clyro, Bombay Bicycle Club, Flood of Red and General Fiasco in only the short time they have been a band. So you know good things are to come!

These releases will be coupled by the unveiling of future tour dates and a special surprise, that promises that fans will benefit more than ever, and will see these costal rockers leap ahead of the rest of the pack for innovation and value. Looking at the track records of both Jumping Ships and Alcopop! Records, you begin to see how the union is pretty much guaranteed to work.

Jumping Ships - Evil Overlord
Jumping Ships - Long Story Short
Jumping Ships - The Ride