Gig Review... The Naked & Famous, ARU, Cambridge, 24th February 2011

With SPC (the promoter) constantly putting artists on before they get big I knew I was in for a treat, then I found out that The Naked & Famous won a NME award! Good times ahead was assured!

I got to the venue with around 15 minutes to spare, and because I hadn't been there before I had no idea where to queue, after waddling my way to the entrance 15 minutes after the doors opened (!) I got into the 'floor'. I have to admit, it was bigger than I thought, but the room was still fairly strange because it seemed like the cafeteria for ARU with curtains dragged around.

After 20 minutes of being inside, Wolf Gang appeared on stage. Finally let the music commence!

Wolf Gang played:
Night Flying
Dancing With The Devil
Something Unusual
The King And All Of His Men
*Unknown Song*
Where Are You Now
Lions In Cages

They certainly got the crowd moving with tracks that can make anyone feel comfortable on a winters night. 'Lions In Cages' had the biggest response of the night with a few people singing their way along, and loads bopping their heads. A few new tracks and some older ones thrown in for good measure to make the old and new fans have a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the set and was well worth getting in early for them, his vocals captivated the crowd as they looked in amazement, with a voice similar to a certain 80's superstar.

Wolf Gang - Dancing With The Devil


It took less than 30 minutes for New Zealanders The Naked & Famous to come onstage, and the venue finally felt packed to the rafters. It's a shame then that the band never quite fulfilled their billing as headliners, and much as I suspected, their two storming synth-pop singles 'Young Blood' and 'Punching In A Dream' are head and shoulders above their other material.

The epic vocals of Alisa Xayalith, who sings lead with guitarist Thom Powers, give the music a touch of personality – without her, the set would have been a tangle of strobe lights, electronic glitchiness and distorted guitars. Over 45 minutes, they pull just enough tricks out of the hat to keep things really interesting. With them going offstage the rowdy crowd wanted more, then they played 'a treat' a song from their first EP which is rare for them to play (apparently), after a brilliant gig it was time to go. LOVED IT!

The Naked And Famous - Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!

The Naked & Famous - Young Blood (Ed West Remix)

Wolf Gang - By Fred Bambridge
The Naked & Famous - By Fred Bambridge