Introducing - Mickey Cupid

Mickey Cupid happened when New York and Brussels collided in 2010, Marcus Harmon (New York) and Matt Nannetti (Brussels) came together on a trip to Brussels when Marcus needed someone to jam with, he found Matt and together they eventually founded Mickey Cupid.

The band are set to release their EP ‘Hey Crazy World’ which will be available to download for free from their website, and will provide you with a snippet of what is to come. The lead track will be 'Keep It In Disguise'. Mickey Cupid are the ultimate pop band, Matt provides the element of dance, electro and club while Marcus understands song-writing and supplies the pop.

The EP is 6 songs long and the band have a whole host of other material ready to be put out there for the world to hear. Mickey Cupid are passionate about what they produce and along with their upbeat, stimulating new sound, they are sure to provoke an electrifying reaction.You can catch the band through their website, and you can listen to a full 40 minute set below!