Single Review... Fenech-Soler - Demons

Having had a eventful 2010 Fenech-Soler are back to bring more club dance anthems to the masses, with lots of plays on Radio 1, XFM and NME Radio it is no wonder they have became superstars after only a few low-key releases. Maybe due to the release last year of 'Stop & Stare' on the Kitsune album, but they are on a roll.

Yesterday saw the release of 'Demons' available on vinyl this will truly see if they have became big, the last release that they put on vinyl was 'The Cult Of The Romance' which was a 12". Now. 'Demons' has a dizzying amount of synths and pop melody, a typical late night dance anthem this is not, but it is a track to be reckoned with in the club scene. And it is propelled with urgent dance floor beats to boot!

Out of 10: 9/10