Single Review... Fixers - Iron Deer Dream / Egyptian Aberration Cult

Fixers are a brilliant band from Oxford. This will be their début single and it's released as a 7 inch single only limited to 500 copies on the Young And Lost Club, so you know they are good!

Iron Deer Dream:
'Iron Deer Dream' is a a fantastic song, the intro is slow and gains body as it progresses, the tumbling echoing vocals by singer 'Jack' comes in and synths come over the top to provide a anthemic effect. Then the guitar rush comes in and I fell in love with it. This genre of music I'd just like to be lazy and say 'Indie-Rock' but if anything it sounds like amazing 'Psych-Rock'. One track that has been played over and over again, this track really does grow on you, and it should. Synths, Guitars and wonderful vocals, you need to buy this!
Out of 10: 9/10

Egyptian Aberration Cult:
Keeping to their tradition of not trying to fit into one genre Fixers pull off a track that gains noise all the way trough, think of it as a trippy-electro track. Given the right treatment this could be remixed and given a full dub-step approval. However it does have it's down sides. Such as the first minute is the same repetitive structure. But as the track progresses the track becomes more than that with more synths welcoming you.
Out of 10: 8/10

Fixers - Iron Deer Dream / Egyptian Aberration Cult
Out of 10: 8.5/10

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