Single Review... Ideals - Significant Other

You should know who Ideals are by now, having appeared in a few of our mixtapes, a live review and countless video posts on our facebook page. You can't say you haven't seen them around. They are releasing the song 'Significant Other' on iTunes on Monday for download.

They have slowly became a favourite with me and they still haven't peaked, they play a brilliant live show and this song is always a highlight. This song is not so much a long way off their debut song, as that too was a superb track. Through the two gifted guitarists to the pulsating rhythm of Simon Wilson’s bass and Ben Ward on the drums they give a stirring and vibrant sound that you want to hear more of.

Will Crosby: "These guys are quality! and so good live, really great frontman. and really nice chaps :)"
Jason Platzner: "Awesome song. reminds me of the smiths. Alot"
Tanit Tan Tan Linnet: "I likeeee :]]"

Ideals - Significant Other

Out of 10: 9/10

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By - Fred Bambridge