Album Review... Pharaohs – Photosynthesis

Since their last release back in November 2009 the Tunbridge Wells based Pharaohs have been busy touring across England and Europe, whilst also switching round instruments (With new addition Inigo on drums) they are back with their second Ep ‘Photosynthesis.’

Pharaohs are: Rob Leary – Guitar/ vocals
Joe Steven – Bass/Vocals
Jonny Lewis – Guitar/Vocals
Inigo Martin-Quirk - Drums

The Ep consists of 8 songs each using technical guitar riffs and strong vocal lines throughout, ‘Daylight Robbery’ talks about the rising cost of petrol. The title track ‘Photosynthesis’ discuses what happens when there is a power cut. ‘Tubes’ narrates a day on the London underground attempting to get from place to place. ‘Lift’ is about getting stuck in a lift. ‘Sea see’ is, yep you guessed about looking out to sea. ‘Glitter’ Is the heaviest track on the Ep containing punchy bass and drums ‘Memento’ has a more solemn feel about it, a track which possibly holds the most meaning in many ways saying ‘Because you are a memory, lying next to me’ and ‘Drift Away’ the forthcoming single, talks about not being able to fall asleep.

Ultimately Photosynthesis is unique in the way in which it highlights what’s best about math rock, if anything it’s a near perfect record with amazingly well written lyrics that can at times be really witty ‘Not getting stuck in another lift, that was going in a wrong direction’ (Lift) and ‘to the quiet, Tubes like a solemn town and crushed bodies going underground’ (Tubes) All the songs are unique and single worthy, its hard to pick a favourite out of the bunch. On the whole this Ep is one, which is hard to not like, its catchy guitar lines and fast pace tempo makes you sing along, every time.

‘Photosynthesis’ is realised 30 April by HipHipHip Records, and their single ‘Photosynthesis’ is available as a free download at their website now.

Pharaohs – Photosynthesis
Out of 10: 9/10


By - Joshua Tanner