Introducing - Geographer

A three-piece indie/electro band hailing from San Francisco, Geographer are a much-underrated band. Any fans of bands such as The Postal Service should really enjoy their music.

Michael Deni is the man behind the group, moving from his hometown of New Jersey after the tragic loss of his father and sister. With nothing more than a guitar and a synthesizer, Deni used the raw emotion from this tragedy to craft some truly clever and emotional songs. With cellist Nathan Blaz and drummer Brian Ostreicher soon joining Deni, Geographer was officially born.

The group soon began touring the Bay Area, transforming their songs into the powerful and striking songs Geographer’s rapidly growing fan base grew to love. They were soon ready to release their first album, Innocent Ghosts. For me the stand-out track of the album is Can’t You Wait which showcases the talents of all three members perfectly. Blaz’s cello provides the backbone to the song with Ostreicher’s drumming rising and crashing like waves. Finally, Deni’s vocals really do show the emotion which is the driving force behind the group.

The EP Animal Shapes was to follow, having been released last year. It continues Geographer’s rise of heartfelt lyrics and synth-pop. The strongest track on the EP has to be Kites with the combination of electro and acoustic once again working wonders. Deni’s vocals hypnotize the listener and his ability to leave a note hanging on the air is second to none within the Indie genre.

With Geographer not that well-known in England at the moment, I hope this review inspires you to check them out and give them a few more reasons to hopefully tour this side of the ocean!

Geographer by RootMusic


By - Joe Gadd