Introducing - Not Cool

I have only found this band for less than a week, but I think their EP will be ringing in my head for at least a month. Presenting to you is “Rugged Raw” by a London-based band called Not Cool. “Rugged Raw” is an eight-track EP released on Sleep All Day Records after the band have sold out a few singles.

Here are the tracks you should listen to 'SST (Sexless Seaside Towns'), As everyone knows, Britain is surrounded by seas. There are also a lot of seaside towns, but sexless ones? I am pretty sure the bass on this track can give the situation a 180˚ twist. The song might seem gentle at the very beginning, but it gets louder and louder towards the end.

'Perfect Hair Forever', A song about hair, as suggested by the title. I can imagine hearing the line “We want perfect hair forever!” being played at the very end of a GHD advert. If you’re one of those who can’t live a day without hair products, you will be able to relate to this track easily. Music-wise, the guitar is really dominant in this track. This song is very fun and lively.

'Queens', This is my favourite track on this EP, it is also one of the tracks I heard when I’ve just discovered this band. The very wild vocal is backed up with the thriving guitar strums. Summing up all that is what you get - this amazing track. The half-opened hi-hats give this song a more ‘rough, gutter’ feeling.

And finally there is 'Hideous Men', I would consider this and Queens the most “easy-listening” tracks on this album, because with the other tracks, you either like it or you don’t as they are really diverse in style. Hideous Man though, inclines more to the pop side, thus making it more easily accepted by listeners. I love how this song comes to an end with some drum rolls.‘Queens’ has just been released as a single, and the video is in a link below.

Not Cool - Queens (Video)

By - Coco Wong