Track of the week... From A City In Ruins - Fin! Fin! Fin!

From A City In Ruins are a Rock band from Grimsby, Lincolnshire. They have a wide variety in influences ranging from the edgy post-hardcore sounds of Refused through to the atmospherics and artsy cool of Joy Division and The Cure, From A City Ruins have amassed a riveting sound that is laced with innovate ideas.

The track of the week is their stunning track 'Fin! Fin! Fin!', this has a stunning mix of razor sharp riffs, stop breathing vocals and tremendous bass and drums! They have so much energy on this track you wonder how they managed to get round into deciding to record it. It's so intense it is illegal, this is a song of indulgence. Every time I hear it I feel totally drenched in the chorus and can't help but thrash my head in agreement!

From A City In Ruins - Fin! Fin! Fin!
Out of 10: 9/10

From A City In Ruins - Fin! Fin! Fin! by It's All Indie

From A City In Ruins - Introverts (Fin! Fin! Fin! B-Side)

By - Fred Bambridge