NEWS: Bloc Party to return in 2011?

Bloc Party have started working on new material and will reconvene in September, guitarist Russell Lissack has said. The guitarist recently finished his stint playing live with Ash. Now he has confirmed to NME that he has met up with Bloc Party front-man again and that they have further plans to meet as a band this autumn.

"Kele and I started working on Bloc Party stuff together and separately," he said .He added: "We're having a bit of a break until the festivals are over, because people have commitments during the summer, but we're going to get back properly in September and sit in a rehearsal studio to work on new band material."

What have they been up to?

Kele Okereke:
- Kele released his first solo album, titled The Boxer, produced by XXXChange, on 21 June through Wichita.
-He has also appeared in two songs with 'Hurcules & Love Affair' and 'Martin Solveig'
- Numerous features in magazines

Russell Lissack:
- Russell first of all released the 'Pin Me Down' album just under a year ago.
- Pllaying Live with Ash
- DJing around London
- Getting biten by Lions

Gordon Moakes:
- Having his second child
- Releasing a A/A single with his other band 'Young Legionnaire'
- Touring with 'Young Legionnaire'
- Writing and recording the album

Matthew Tong:
- Playing computer games (according to the others)
- Recording cover versions, such as Fleetwood Macs - Big Love
- Putting together a split 7" vinyl release with his good friend Bakak due for Record Store Day 2011

With Russell originally saying they will be back in late 2010 this seemed to be put on hold, but they have had meetings with one another, such as the (now famous) photo they put on twitter on Christmas Day 2010. Kele moved out to New York for a bit to finish off his book, but sceptics suggest he is going out there to meet Matt with Russell so they can lay down ideas for the next album. Gordon is going to be touring with 'Young Legionnaire' in November for the album release they have got. In an interview as part of Wichita's "Can We Get Much Higher" podcast released on February 4th 2011, Gordon Moakes revealed that they had started discussing routes that the band's fourth album could take.

So in the months between I am sure something will come of this.

We shall see...!

Young Legionnaire - Chapter, Verse

By - Fred Bambridge