News: Foals 3rd album in 2012?

Foals can do no wrong! Their first album was a brilliant début and is one of the best I've ever heard, the second was the grown up album which has gained them more fans worldwide and has had them eager and ready to do album number three!

The photo below was taken around January 2011 and sees them outside recording.

The photo below this one sees Jimmy and Edwin with what seems to be a guitar and a double bass. Now, they played a few tracks live in the period between Antidotes and Total Life Forever, and one of them was called 'O-Funk' this didn't get recorded at all for the second album but Yannis has not outed it from the third album. A stream of the mentioned song is going to be at the facebook page for you to listen to. Finally Yannis has even mentioned the next album to be more of a Rock album. We shall see!

With Foals playing a very limited amount of shows in 2011, speculation once again is going around regarding the third 'tricky' album. It's going to be very hard to beat 'Total Life Forever', but with the two B-Side tracks they released after the album on the 'Miami' vinyls the fans know roughly what Foals have in mind. No official announcement has been made weather to they are demoing songs, recording sketches or even writing songs, but one thing is for certain, they are due back on the live circuit very soon!