Single Review... Morning Parade - On Your Shoulders

Morning Parade, where do I begin? They keep on coming out with absolute gems! This song was put down by EMI to be a song that wouldn't appear on Morning Parades debut album. So, the band (being the best a band can be) thought, lets release it so the fans can hear what the album may sound like, and for the serious fans to grasp a rare item in the history of Morning Parade. Only 300 of these have and will be ever printed so I am lucky to have two..!

On Your Shoulders:
This track starts as any other Morning Parade song, with the word anthem thrown upon it! The guitar and Steve build the tension up at the beginning, then a tumbling guitar comes in and the track gains body, the drums kick in and the synths then become apparent as everything comes together... WHAM, the second verse then kicks in and it becomes even more than an anthem, this my friend should be a number one song! Why the label thought this may not be good enough is beyond me! The chorus is an outburst of talent as you can hear every single person in the band giving it their all. The only downside about this track is it is only on 7" vinyl only, something I am sure Morning Parade will sort out ;-)
Out of 10: 9/10

Under The Stars (Wilkinson Remix):
With a remix I was prepared to be let down by the B-Side to the single. Nope, the drum and bass remix of this song is top notch, with a hint of Dubstep in the background this is a raver track for the Indie-kid! The version I am listening to is on soundcloud, so it may not be the full version but it certenly gives you a taste of the kind of remixes Morning Parade have, Dance, Dubstep, and Drum & Bass. All fast tracks which are all amazing in their own way!
Out of 10: 7/10 (Sorry it's a remix at the end of the day)

Morning Parade - On Your Shoulders 7"
Out of 10: 8/10

Morning Parade - Under The Stars (Wilkinson Remix) by Wilkinson UK