Track of the week... Films Of Colour - Actions

Having only heard about this band for just over a day, (give thanks to Andrew Dutton for pointing me in the right direction) they have given me a new light to shine onto you guys! This band sound as epic as you can get!

My track of the week is entitled 'Actions', it starts off from the get go as a track you know you will love. The guitar and drums work in tandem to provide a wonderful sound, the vocal bridge comes in and you know the chorus will be a powerful Indie-Rock chorus. Yup, sure is. The powerful vocals continue throughout the chorus and give way to the noise given off from the various pedals for the next verse to begin.

It kicks back in with more of the same awesome, epic, astonishing and simply sublime musicianship. The bridge right before the madness of riffs is wonderful, it then gives way to this orgy of music. Seriously, it is amazing how only 1,444 people on facebook know of them. I want them to be big, for the sake of music, the sake of continuing the brilliant Indie acts from the UK, keeping my faith in music from the capital and for the band themselves.

Actions by Films of Colour

Films Of Colour - Actions (Acoustic)
Films Of Colour - Actions (YILA Remix)