Track of the week... We Are Tokyo - Your Eyes Lie

We Are Tokyo are back out of their long hibernation, nearly a year since 'Bullets' was released they produce one of the best Indie/Electro-Rock songs of the year.

With a powerful hook, stunning drumming with Mr Wheeler on the drums, Alex Fox commanding the vocals and captivating you with his ideas. The song has a very very strong chorus and does top trump 'Bullets' in that department! Their debut video accompanies the song on youtube and a link is below in the link section. I have been following them since I started the blog as we know it in 2009, and this band have always promised me with music I'd love, not letting me down so far!

Keep an eye out for more releases as We Are Tokyo are setting out to take 2011 by the horns and storm into 2012 with lots of recognition they deserve.

We Are Tokyo - Your Eyes Lie by It's All Indie

We Are Tokyo - Your Eyes Lie
Out of 10: 9/10