Album Review... Is Tropical - Native To

BIG favourites with us on the blog, Is Tropical release one of the most anticipated début albums of the year. ‘Native to’, produced by the band together with Jimmy Robertson and part-Mixed by Lifelike, features twelve new tracks including the recent single ‘South Pacific’ and the forthcoming release ‘The Greeks’. Stylistically ranging from raw dream-pop anthems to late night dance bangers, standout tracks include crowd favourites, ‘Lies’ and ‘Think We’re Alone’.

South Pacific:
Is Tropical seem to be aiming to strike a very fine balance here, pitching themselves between dark, fuzzy lo-fi and easy-going pop. There are some fine moments though, such as the bass and that shows what Is Tropical are capable of. And from there, the song drifts into its final chorus, in which all the elements are in place. And from there, the song rolls into its final chorus, in which all the elements are so firmly in place, stunning is a word I'd describe it as
Out of 10: 8/10

Land Of The Nod:
A dark synth and sample pad starts the song off before going into some weird synth-pop sounding track. The track builds body further on into the track and picks that infectious bass-line. This is no 'South Pacific' but not a terrible track by a long shot, it's more of a shock to me because I was expecting a bit more of a dancy tune. Still, a good track none the less
Out of 10: 6/10

Now this is what I was expecting, drum kicks, bass and a sick synth! They have it all going on in this track, and I am pretty sure this is one of the fan favourites their management was going on about to me. It really does have a rave feel to it, honestly it does! I can imagine myself listening to this on repeat. The end of the track has it all, the bass I am constantly going on about, the wobbling synth lines and the lyrical whispers of the singer!
Out of 10: 8/10

The Greeks:
The Greeks is a jaunty pop track, that would have been easily shelved as another unimaginative and predictable output by another same-ish London band had it not been for the synth stabs punctuating perfectly and saved by what sounds like a harp strummed in a peculiar way. I really do love the quick blasts ot guitar riffs dotted randomly in the song and the marching-esque drum beats.
Out of 10: 10/10

I have the demo for this song, and this is such an improvement! There is such a retro feel to this track and it sounds like a sample from a SNES computer game. Still, they pull off another stunner here with grooves you can dance to. They really do explore their sound a lot here with a lot of variations on the drumming, synths and even the sample pads. Everything stops for a while and you get this pulsating bass-line ripple right through you!
Out of 10: 8/10

Maybe the track nearest to the pop genre here, but that is slowly ebbed away into a song that is filled with keys of pulses, bass lines that will make you go mental and although this may seem like a simple track it is a nice change of pace, and is a welcome.
Out of 10: 7/10

Take My Chances:
This track explores more of the Indie-Rock side of their sound, but as the synths may suggest otherwise this is still a brilliant track layered with everything from keys, drum-pads, distorted vocals and a quiet guitar. They certainly took their chances with this song as once again it is a nice slow track from a band that I now really adore!
Out of 10: 7/10

Back to the Electronic madness they are mostly associated with, this track sounds like a contender for the next single to be released after 'The Greeks'. With an interesting drum beat and quiet guitars the synths prove to be king here. The nearer end of the track si by far the best as the guitar is going full blown with the riffs forcing their way through.
Out of 10: 8/10

One of my new favourite tracks, simply because of the riff at the minute mark, this track is oh so more than that. With the vocals establishing their ground on this track and the bass line on this track making it more prominent with every second going by.
Out of 10: 8/10

Think We're Alone:
Yes the guitar at the forefront of the track, this is what Bloc Party would sound like if they all done acid. Chunky bass-lines, fast (and ever so hard to play) drumming solos, glittering synth lines and the guitar riffs making this track bit by bit warm to me quicker than any of the other new tracks put together!
Out of 10: 8/10

You may think this might be a dark track given the title, and it does sound like it from the off, with sounds that sound like they have came from out of space, dark synths and even darker vocals. After only a minute the distorted guitar comes into the frame giving it such a likeability, and the trippy latter of the track just makes this track so sharp!
Out of 10: 9/10

Seasick Mutiny:
A B-Side to the single 'When O When' I didn't think this would make the album, but thankfully it did! With such a good album passing right before our ears it is only fitting to have a stunning closer. This Synth filled track is a perfect fitting to the end of the album. The big bass at the beginning of the track build up tension and then the guitar and keys follow with the echoing keys making this track have a dark edge to it. The end of the track embodies a snippet of every song on the album and creates an orgy of noise.
Out of 10: 9/10

Is Tropical - Native To
Out of 10: 8/10

Is Tropical - The Greeks