Introducing... Personal Space Invaders

Personal Space Invaders are Will Durzu and Timothy Walters, who came together through a shared passion of “seething electronics and dirty beats”. Meeting in London through various musical outfits the duo immediately locked themselves away to create and craft their musical mould of electro; referencing bands such as New Order, Dépêche Mode and Joy Division, whilst mixing dark, demure atmospheres with a strong dance elements, which flickers with moments of modern pop.

'Tough Times' is the spectacular new single by London’s Personal Space Invaders (PSI). Combining upbeat synth-driven pop sounds with elements of new-wave indie, electro and post-punk, PSI are set to release their synth infused 80s driven pop manifesto in the form of ‘Tough Times’ was released on the 9th of May.

Personal Space Invaders - Tough Times (Single) by Chris Theo PR

Personal Space Invaders - Tough Times (Max Ling's We Luv U Mix)