Single Review... Battles - Ice Cream

This record is released as a very limited 12” (400 in the UK), backed with a previously unreleased track – and serves as an appetiser for the album ‘Gloss Drop’ which arrives a fortnight later.

Ice Cream:
The song takes about a minute to get going. Nimble guitars etch out some room for rhythmic grunts and gasps, ultimately morphing into riffs and cavernous drum work. They still sound massive, but that may just be the void that Braxton’s absence has created. 'Ice Cream' is, for lack of a better word, funky. And has lyrics. It's still got that layered weirdness Battles pioneered at it's heart though, so have a listen.
Out of 10: 7/10

Black Sundome:
My gosh this seems just as strange and funky as the title track, Battles are known for quirks and this doesn't surprise me to be honest. It is not a track you can listen at full blast and say 'I fucking love this!'. But it does seem to be reserved for the die-hards as a sick B-Side!
Out of 10: 6/10

Ice Cream (Instrumental):
If anything this sounds better than the original, minus the vocals (obviously).
Out of 10: 8/10

Battles - Ice Cream (12")
Out of 10: 7/10

Battles - Ice Cream (Feat. Matias Aguayo) by weallwantsome1

Battles - Black Sundome
Battles - Ice Cream (Instrumental)