News: Rain For Glasto 2011

Rain is likely to fall on Glastonbury next weekend, but forecasters are saying that festival-goers should not expect a washout. Last year's 40th anniversary saw one of the hottest Glastonburys on record. And while, with a week to go, there is little chance of a repeat of that, the showers are expected to be brief and intermittent. The odds for rain to hit the event were at 1/7 (meaning that if you bet £7 and you are right you will get your £7 back and £1 for guessing correctly). This will be an unlikely turn of events as the South of England is currently in a 'drought'. Farmers are pleased, ducks are pelased, but not festival goers who will need to bring their wellies!

Sarah Holland, forecaster at the Met Office, told The Guardian: “The outlook for next week remains unsettled with a mix of sunshine and showers unfortunately.” She predicted that temperatures will be around 18C, although this will feel colder in the wind, and occasional showers. But she reassures Glastonbury punters by saying: "The south-west looks to have the best of the weather in the UK, with a better chance of sunny spells."