Single Review... The Cads - Club Of Rome

Who have gone from local shows to playing in Germany to playing 'The Lake' stage at Latitude Festival? The Cads have! Forming in September 2009 (originally as a four piece) they play Tropical music with a Indie twist to it. They have built their reputation on having brilliant songs, stunning performances and brilliant visuals as seen in their videos. Their latest endeavour is a brand new single 'Club Of Rome' backed with 'Blueprint' and (on the CD version only) 'Sunshine At 7' .

Club Of Rome:
From the start of the song it is a up-beat synthy Tropical song, perfect for the summer time! The guitars are so utterly joyous and the vocals are just perfect! This has came a long way from the rough demo I heard a few months ago and is progression from their last single 'Skin', but still keeps the fresh sound they have made for themselves. Even the video sees sun, grass and everyone being happy, a summer anthem, I think so!
Out of 10: 9/10

This starts off their live performances and I can see why! It builds from a simple start of guitars and builds with a drum and then kicks into life. This is the best advert for the band and got my by the scruff of the neck from the word go. I can really see why the Germans and us Brits go mental for them after seeing them live, this track grabs you and gives you brilliant riffs and hooks! Not to mention the amazing performance the whole band delivers!
Out of 10: 9/10

Sunshine At 7:
A track written by the lead singer and guitarist of the band (Stef). A quote from the PR says "It captures the feelings of being transported from the quiet countryside of Suffolk to the big pollution of Bristol (where Stef now lives)". The simplicity of the track truly does get your attention as it unfolds before you. This really is a single release with the best B-Sides you can possibly ever hear!
Out of 10: 8/10

The Cads - Club Of Rome (CD)
Out of 10: 8.6/10