Album Review... The Horrors - Skying

The Horrors know all about deceptive appearances. Their mid-00s emergence saw the music press in a lather, hype peaking with inevitable derision creeping forth from (perhaps rightly) cynical corners of the blogosphere. So it’s no surprise to find that album three positions The Horrors in a brand-new musical (for them anyway). From the melodies and hypnotic hooks of Primary Colours, distinctly 1970s they have landed in the 1980s with anthemic synth-powered pop-rock.

Favourite tracks off the album would be 'Still Life' which I have posted a couple of times on the facebook site. All of which adds up to a second straight helping of flawed brilliance from The Horrors. 'You Said' with its 'Madchester' vibes, I am really finding it easy to like this dream-like, druggy sound without being too cliché. A supreme display of confidence just two short years after Primary Colours woke people up to their subtler charms.

The Horrors - Skying
Out of 1o: 8/10